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Choose Steam Car Wash That Will Make Your Car Look Brand-New

February 23, 2023

The rise of the automotive industry is continuously giving rise to car wash services. Getting a steam car wash has become a trend these days. Now the generation believes in specialized services, and they prefer the specialized cleaner over cleaning by themselves. Steam car wash has replaced the traditional ways of car washing.

Steam Car Wash is a Blessing for Car Owner

Steam car wash in Sharjah at Armor Car Care is the easiest way to get your clean your car. In short, we can say that our car wash is an eco-friendly method with steam cleaning. It is a safe way, and it cleans the car thoroughly. It is a natural process, and it can clean the car naturally.

If your car is stinking, or any type of foul smell is coming out then you should opt for steam wash. You can get rid of stains of the pet, smoking, mold and mildew also with this best steam wash method. This steam kills all the bacteria, germs, viruses and other microorganisms and increase value of your car.

It is a new and improved way of washing the car. By using the high-pressure steam, it can disinfect and remove the characteristics of dirt easily in the vehicles.

Benefits of Steam Wash

There are several benefits for choosing Steam for Car Wash instead of the Conventional Car Wash method with water.  Some of the benefits are:

Saving Water

We all know that water is scarce. traditional car wash can consume a lot of water to get cleaned. on the other hand, using steam can reduce the needed amount of water while providing you the same cleanliness or even better.

Maintains the Life of the Car and Keeps it New Look with High Pressure Steam Cleaning

Steam can be used to clean the windows without leaving any marks. steam cleaning removes the stains resulted from spilled coffee or food.

No Toxic Residues are Left.

After getting the car cleaned by a Car Wash Professional from a Car Care Center in UAE, you will have a clean and shiny car. No residue is left on the surface. The car will seem as if it new.

Scratch Free Cleaning

Unlike the conventional method, Car steam wash does not cause scratches on the glass and surfaces of the car. High pressure Steam wash keeps the car in better shape for longer. This means you will be satisfied when you look at your car and pay less on maintenance.

A steam wash service is a great way to maintain the life of the car. It is the natural cleaning method as it does not use harsh chemicals on the car while cleaning it. Steam is airborne and it has the capacity to kill the air borne bacteria and other foreign bodies which may bring adverse effects on the life of the car.

If you want to preserve the car for long-time then you should give preference to the process of steam wash for car as it can give you a new experience and your car will also work smoothly for long-time.

Best Steam Car Wash Tips

Tips for Maintaining your Car after a Steam Wash

Steam wash is a best way to clean your car without using any harsh chemicals or detergents. However, it’s important to take some extra steps to maintain your car after this wash with high-end steam.

Here are a few tips:

  • Dry your car immediately after washing. Steam Wash can leave water spots on your car paint, so it’s important to dry it off as soon as the wash process is completed. For the best result, you can use a microfiber towel to dry your car.
  • Car Wax- Waxing your car regularly helps to protect car’s paint from the harmful elements and makes it easier to clean and look glossy. You should wax your car every 6-8 weeks, or more often if you live in a dusty or sandy area.
  • Avoid using high pressure washers on your car. The high- pressure water can damage your car paint. If you need to use a high-pressure washer, use it on a low setting and hold it at a distance from your car.
  • Park your car in a garage or shaded area to protect your car from the harmful UV rays.

The Car Steam Cleaning Process

What to Expect During a High Temperature Steam for Wash

This type of car wash is unique and innovative way to clean your car. It uses hot steam to loosen and remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your cars surface, without the use of chemicals or detergents.

Armor car care steam Wash service in uae to make your car look brand-new
Armor Car Care Steam wash for the best windows cleaning without leaving streaks

Here is a step-by-step process:

Pre-wash Inspection:

Initially the technician will inspect your car and identify any areas that need special attention. They may also pre-wash your car with a light spray of water to loosen any loose dirt or debris.

Steam Cleaning:

The technician uses steam to wash your car exterior. They will start cleaning the wheels and tires, and way up to the body of the car. The high temperature steam will loosen and remove dirt, grime, scratch marks, and other contaminants from the surface of your car.


Once the car has been cleaned, the car care technician will dry it off using a microfiber towel. This will help to prevent water spots from forming in every nook and corner.

Finishing touches:

The technician will then apply a sealant or wax to your car exterior to protect it from the elements and bringing back its brand-new look.


At last, we can only suggest to you that Car is an Asset, and it is not possible to purchase a car every year. So, it becomes our duty to maintain the life of it. For Car Wash in Sharjah, Armor Car Care gets life for your car long-time.

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At Armor Car Care, the key features are our expert technicians using cutting-edge technology and highest-quality car care products. We clean your car without any worry on fear of damaging its finish.

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