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Car Wash Sharjah

The foundation of car care is regular car washing. However, you cannot simply use any old car wash products and equipment. Our expert technicians use high-quality Car wash formulations designed to restore your car’s paint lustre, remove dirt and sand, and leave your car in pristine quality. It’s not just the advanced formulations we use, though. It’s also the car care tools – each is specifically designed to deep clean without scratching, ensuring the safety of your car’s exterior while in our hands.

Clean, Shiny & Protected!

  • No swirls nor scratches.
  • All spots are in our reach.
  • Special chemicals for paint protection.
  • Express wax for shinier appearance.
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Car Polishing Sharjah

Car body polishing removes dirt, sand, and grime, leaving your car clean and sparkling. However, if you really want to achieve that showroom shine, professional service is required. We hand polish every inch of your car’s exterior, buffing the paint and brightwork to a mirror-like shine. Car wax polish is also an important step for sun-damaged paint and can breathe new life into an aging exterior. Regular polish also helps protect your car’s paint from the ravages of the sun, sand, and wind.

Shine On in Armor

  • Remove scratches and swirls.
  • Deep cleaning for hard stains
  • Shiny and smart look
  • Foggy headlights treatment
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Ceramic Car Coating Sharjah

All that stands between your car’s body and the elements is a single clear coat and a layer of paint. It takes very little to break through to the underlying metal, and when that happens, you have more than just an ugly scratch. You have the potential for rust and degradation. Our Ceramic Coating offer protection against these threats and help ensure that your car’s exterior can stand up to the threats it faces every single day.

Discover the Ceramic Magic

  • Hydrophobic surfaces
  • UV protection and glossy looks
  • Chemical resistance for prolonged lifespan.
  • Extreme hardness to avoid scratches.
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Car Wrapping Sharjah

Vehicle wrap are increasingly popular with our customers in Sharjah, Dubai and the surrounding area. These Professional car wrap provides a way to dramatically change the exterior of your car, from different colours and designs to corporate logos and more. However, their true beauty is the incredible car paint protection they offer your vehicle’s exterior. Whether you want to build your brand as a business owner, show off your personal sense of style, or just keep your car looking great for years to come.

Wrap & Relax: PPF for Peace of Mind

  • Protection from scratches and minor dents
  • Prevent car paint fading from UV light
  • Safeguard the paint from chemicals and dirt
  • Long lifespan with self-healing
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Car Tinting Sharjah

Window tinting is also a popular car care service in Sharjah, Dubai, and the surrounding area of UAE. We offer high-quality tint to keep the interior of your car cool and protected against sun damage. Our car glass tint technicians also provide installation with no bubbles, and we guarantee that our tinting service will stand the rest of time.

Cool, Confident, & Comfortable

  • Extreme heat rejection to keep it cool
  • Clear view for safe drive day & night
  • Sleek appearance, & Superior privacy
  • UV protection for healthier skin

Most Trusted Auto Car Care Center in UAE

Need Expert Car Care? At Armor Car Care Center in Sharjah, we are committed to providing each customer with high-quality Premium Car Services and Solutions. We are the UAE's Premium Car Care Center offering range of car services to suit virtually any need. Our car service experts have years of in-depth experience in car care services. We go the distance to protect and care for your vehicle.

At Armor Auto Car Care Center, our expert technicians use cutting-edge technology and the highest-quality premium car care products to deliver results you can count on every single car service Sharjah. From deep cleaning to remove dirt and achieve a mirror-like shine to protecting your car’s delicate exterior, we do it all.

Most Trusted Premium Car Service Center Sharjah

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UAE's Leading State-of-the-Art Car Service Center with Expert Technicians

  • Our team is comprised of experts with years of experience in car service in UAE.
  • We use only the highest-quality car care products which we manufacture.
  • We provide bumper to bumper protection for your car’s exterior
  • Ensure that your car always looks its best with our professional auto car care services.
  • From non-luxury to high-end luxury car, we deliver the protection you deserve.
  • Get comprehensive car care in our car service center Sharjah for peace of mind knowing that your car is in good hands.

Our Happy Customers

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Amazing service!! The cleaners are great and efficient. My car was very dirty and it looks new now. Thank you very much!!!

—Daniel Mateos Molina

Their car wash services are amazing, they have different categories which you can choose from. The fast service is what I liked most about them and of course how neat and clean I found my car after the service was done! Highly recommended.

—Nadia Almheiri

This company is the pinnacle of professionalism. I invite you to a unique experience, as they say, “Pamper your car.” Excellent prices, excellent service, management that knows the meaning of customer satisfaction.

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