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Car Wash Sharjah

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Premium Car Wash Sharjah for Multi-Brand Cars

Treat your car to the care it deserves. Experience the excellence of Car Wash Sharjah and witness the transformation of your vehicle.

Dust will cover your car no matter regardless of if the car is parked or being driven all day, right? ABSOLUTELY NOT. During a regular car wash, this may be true, as they use water and ordinary cloth to wipe the car, but when you go for a VIP car wash with protective layer of special wax, it is a different story. The car will not only be clean but will remain so for longer period of time.

In Armor Car Care we offer car care and detailing not just regular car wash, what is the difference?

  • Other car wash centers clean your car with water, soap, and other unknown chemicals, while we use only STEAM and specific products that are made to protect the cars.
  • The microfibers we use removes the stains and dry your car without leaving swirls or fabrics on the exterior.
  • other centers damage your car over time, we ensure prolonged protection and car care.

Car Wash Service in Sharjah

Car Wash Options Tailored to Your Needs and Budget

When you visit us in Armor Car Care Center in 06 mall Sharjah, you will have three options to choose from for car washing service. All of them will ensure excellent cleaning, and careful maltreatment for your car.

VIP Car Wash

Our VIP Car Wash Sharjah at Armor Car Care provides ultimate care and protection for your vehicle. Our team will carefully remove dust and stains of the exterior using steam. From the inside, we start by vacuuming the car removing all the dirt and trash from there and then we also use steam to clean the plastic and metal surfaces of the car. Then, our staff will wipe all the surfaces dry ensuring all the dirt is removed. When your car is clean, we proceed to apply a layer of special cleaning additive to maintain the gloss of the exterior, followed by a layer of Nano Wax to keep your car clean for prolonged period of time.

Nano Car Wash

Nano car wash in Sharjah is the Plus service that combines good price with premium service. People who get the NANO CAR WASH will get their cars cleaned with steam from the outside and vacuumed and wiped from the inside. Nano steam wash involves vacuuming and wax application on the interior and exterior of the car. However, the interior will be wiped without steam wash.

Steam Car Wash

This is the affordable Car Wash in Sharjah we offer for our clients. Steam car wash involves cleaning the car using steam without the use chemicals to maintain the cleanliness of the car. Steam car wash cleans the car removing all stains without damaging it or leaving swirls or micro scratches on surfaces. You can book for an appointment for Steam Car Wash here.

Other Car Service We Offer:

Engine Wash

In Armor, we wash your car engine using steam to loosen and remove dirt, grime, and grease, while the compressed air is used to blow away any remaining debris. Engine wash is important part of the maintenance and should be performed once to twice a year depending on how you drive and where. Cleaning the engine and removing dirt and grime reduce the chances of engine contamination ensuring better performance to your engine. Plus, you will feel better when you see the heart of your car clean inside as well as it is from the outside.


Rejuvenate Your Car with Sharjah’s Premier Car Wash Services

Armor Car Wash Service Center in Sharjah

  • Your car will look and feel its best. Your car will be spotless from bumper to bumper, inside and out, after we clean it.
  • We’ll protect your car’s paint and interior. We use high-quality car care products and machineries that will protect your car from the elements.
  • You will save time and energy. Let us pamper your car, so you can relax and enjoy. We will do it for you!
  • For a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly Car Wash Service, Armor Car Care Center is one among the best in UAE.

Best Car Wash Center in Sharjah: What Sets Us Apart?

Best Car Wash Center in Sharjah: What Sets Us Apart?
  • Full-Service Car Care Center

    We are more than just a car wash center; we also specialize in window tinting, ceramic coating, PPF car wrapping , and car polishing.

  • Car Enthusiastse

    We love cars, and we are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible car care experience.

  • Book for Car Wash Sharjah

    Schedule your car wash service online at our website or call our center. We provide the best customer service.

  • Loyalty Program

    Get rewarded for every car wash with our loyalty program.

  • Convenient Location

    We're just a short drive away, so you can get your car washed quickly and easily. Just search in Google "Armor Car Wash Sharjah" and call us for Appointment.

Premium Car Wash Sharjah, UAE

Smart Car Wash for a Sparkling Finish

  • We ensure that your car looks its best by using only the best car care products and equipment.
  • Our skilled technicians offer top-notch express car wash service for your convenience.
  • We offer a convenient drive-thru service. You can get your car washed without having to leave your car.
  • We offer a variety of affordable car wash packages to meet your needs and budget.
  • Smart Car Wash technology to make your car look and feel its best during the wash process.
  • Experience the best of car care service with our car wash Sharjah.


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You can enjoy the services of Armor car care by visiting our center located in the basement parking of 06 mall in Sharjah. You will see the cleaning center in the parking, where you can give them the keys to your car, and when the car is ready, we will call you. You will come back to find the car parked, and the key waiting in the receptionist desk.

Our center can currently wash four cars at the same time. Each car usually takes between 30 to 40 minutes depending on its condition, and type of car wash you request. In certain days we might have a waiting time when more than customers request our wash services, and when this happens the receptionist will inform you beforehand.

Unfortunately, we do not have mobile car wash at the mean time. Our car wash services are only available in site, and you need to come to our center in 06 mall.

Automatic car washing machines are faster, they clean your car in no time and you only have to drive from side to side, but at what cost? Every time you wash your car in a automatic car wash, the brushes scratch your exterior, leaving noticeable damage on the car.

The prices of our services are set to maintain high quality car washing service; however, we have a loyalty program where every sixth wash is free. Please ask the receptionist to stamp your card each time you wash your car in Armor Car Care Center in Sharjah, and enjoy the free wash.

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