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Ceramic Car Coating Sharjah

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    Ceramic Car Coating: The Ultimate Car Paint Protection

    The Best Way to Keep Your Car Looking Its Best

    What is the first thing to notice when you look at a car? It is appearance obviously. We know you love your car and take great care of it, but even the best-cared-for cars can start to show their age after a while. The sun, the rain, the dust, bird drops and the dirt…all of these things can take a toll on your car’s finish and That’s where our ceramic car coating comes in.

    Nano ceramic coating is a liquid applied to the surface of your exterior to create a protective layer shielding your car from sun damage. What can a nano thin layer do you ask? A LOT.

    Car Ceramic Coating prevent sun rays from damaging your car’s finishes and protecting the paint to fading and cracking. Ceramic coatings bonds with the existing surface forming nano-ceramic shield that is extremely hard and scratch-resistant, and resistant to chemicals and UV rays.

    Ceramic Coating for Car Benefits

    Explore the Types of Ceramic Coating for Car in Armor Car Care

    Because we care, in Armor Car Care we provide german ceramic coating for cars that suit all budgets while providing your vehicles the protection they deserve. We have:

    The affordable 9h Car Ceramic Coating: Three layers of the 9h nano ceramic made with German technology, and a warranty of three years. 9h nano ceramic coats your exterior with a hard layer of protective shield preventing minor scratches and keeps the car clean for longer periods of time.

    The premium HD nano ceramic for car: Five layers of the HD nano coating for car with multiplied impact and extreme 9H+ hardness. Enjoy the extended benefits of the HD ceramic car coating with a warranty of 5 years and free ceramic refresh for the first year. The HD Nano ceramic for Car offers extended protection due to the extra hardness of the protective layers while also offering your car a permanent long term gloss finish and clean surfaces.

    Armor's Nano Ceramic Coating is a Blend of Charming Apperance and Protection

    Armor's Nano Ceramic Coating is a Blend of Charming Apperance and Protection
    • We value the protection of your vehicle and understand your desire for it to look perfect. That's why we only use the best nano ceramic coating products in the UAE and apply it with experienced hands
    • We offer the Best Ceramic Car Coating in Sharjah. Our car ceramic coating is a durable, hydrophobic barrier that protects your car's paint from the elements and other contaminants. It also makes your car easier to clean and maintain.
    • Enjoy complete peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty for ceramic car protection, ensuring your car's exterior remains protected from scratches.

    Nano Ceramic Coating for Car: What Makes Us Different?

    What Makes Our Nano Coating for Car the Best in Sharjah, UAE?

    • We are one of the few Auto Car Care Centers in Sharjah to offer nano coating for cars.
    • We have an experienced team of expert technicians for Ceramic Coating Service in Sharjah.
    • We use the highest-quality products and technologies
    • We back our work with a warranty
    • We can restore even damaged paint
    • We have a purpose-built, spacious car service center in sharjah


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    In general, the ceramic coating process can take anywhere from 1 to 2 days. Before coating the car, we thoroughly clean the car to prepare it well. Once the ceramic coat is applied, it needs to be allowed to cure for at least 12 hours before the car can be driven.

    Ceramic coating protects your car, and keeps it shiny and clean and also easier to wash, however, you must follow the guidelines to achieve these results. Here is what you should do to ensure extreme protection and better results

    Do not wash your car: Ceramic coating needs time to cure, so it is important to avoid washing your car for at least 24 hours after the coating is applied. Do not worry, before applying the ceramic on your car, we wash it with steam thus it will be clean for the next few days.

    Do not park your car in direct sunlight: Ceramic coating provides protection from UV light, but only after the curing is done. We recommend you park the car in the shades during the following day to prevent the sun’s ray from damaging the ceramic coating.

    Do not drive your car at high speeds: Ceramic coating is a liquid that turns into an extremely hard transparent shield after bonding with your car’s exterior. During the first 24 hours, the curing may not be completed therefore we recommend driving at low speeds.

    Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on your car: The ceramic coating is a delicate layer that can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals or cleaners. In fact, we recommend only steam wash to prevent scratches and paint damage, not only during the first 24 hours, but also afterwards.

    When you are on social media, it is normal to see ads for very cheap and tempting offers for ceramic coating services. Some companies might offer crazy prices, so why other offer the same service for double the price? Well, the answer is mainly the quality and the number of layers.

    These centers tend to use low-quality cheap products that may have lower concentrations and less effective material. Using them may cause damage to your car, and trust us when we say, the cost of maintenance is more than what you save at the first place.

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