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AC System Freshener and Disinfectant

  • When to use it?

    When to use it?

    Use this product to clean, freshen, and disinfect the AC system when foul odours are noticed.

  • Why Buy This Product?

    Why Buy This Product?

    Armor AC System Freshener and Disinfectant kills mould, bacteria, and other microorganisms to freshen the air and ensure it is healthy.

  • Special Features & Benefits

    Special Features & Benefits

    Kills mould spores, bacteria, and other dangerous microorganisms within the AC system

  • How to Use?

    How to Use?

    First, dry the condenser, then turn the AC system to max with the doors closed and the AC set to recirculate. Lockdown the nozzle with the can in the passenger front footwell and run the air for five minutes after spraying the freshener for one minute.


Armor AC System Freshener and Disinfectant delivers powerful sanitizing capabilities. It kills mould and spores, bacteria, mildew, and other microorganisms that can thrive within an automotive AC system. It is simple to use and delivers healthy air within minutes of application. It is designed to work with personal and commercial vehicles and will improve AC performance and extend the system’s lifespan.