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Brake Guard

  • When to use it?

    When to use it?

    Use our Brake Guard to stop annoying brake squeak and squeal.

  • Why Buy This Product?

    Why Buy This Product?

    Armor Brake Guard silences annoyingly loud brake components without compromising performance or safety.

  • Special Features & Benefits

    Special Features & Benefits

    Silences noisy brake pads to eliminate squeaking and squealing during operation.

  • How to Use?

    How to Use?

    Shake the can well and then apply to brake pads. Wait five minutes for full results and then test the brakes for performance/operation.


Armor Brake Guard is designed to stop annoying brake squeaking and squealing during operation. It silences unwanted noises without compromising performance or stopping power and is designed for both personal and commercial vehicles. Note: Do not use this product on any components other than brake pads. Always test the brakes after application and reassembly.