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Exterior Plastic & Rubber Refresher

  • When to use it?

    When to use it?

    Use our Exterior Plastic & Rubber Refresher to protect, clean, and restore exterior plastic and rubber components.

  • Why Buy This Product?

    Why Buy This Product?

    Our Exterior Plastic & Rubber Refresher delivers powerful restorative action and strong protection against degradation.

  • Special Features & Benefits

    Special Features & Benefits

    Usable on all exterior rubber and plastic trim, including door and trunk seals, unpainted bumpers, doorsill protectors, and more.

  • How to Use?

    How to Use?

    Clean and dry the surface first. Shake the bottle and then spritz the product onto the surface. Use a clean, soft cloth to spread it and wipe up any excess.


Armor Exterior Plastic and Rubber Refresher is specially designed to restore and protect all of your exterior rubber and plastic components. Use it to restore and protect door seals, breathe new life into mirror housings, refresh plastic body trim, and so much more. It takes just a few minutes to restore your vehicle’s exterior.