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Oil Anti Smoke

  • When to use it?

    When to use it?

    Add this product to your engine oil if you notice oil smoke from your exhaust.

  • Why Buy This Product?

    Why Buy This Product?

    Armor Oil Anti-Smoke is designed to seal small gaps and leaks and prevent oil from reaching the combustion chamber, thereby stopping engine smoke.

  • Special Features & Benefits

    Special Features & Benefits

    Works with 4-stroke engines, diesel engines, and LPG engines to reduce or eliminate oil smoke from the exhaust.

  • How to Use?

    How to Use?

    Just add 300 ml to 5 litres of engine oil during your regular oil change maintenance.


Armor Oil Anti-Smoke is specially designed to seal small gaps and leaks that allow oil to reach the combustion chamber. This ultra-high viscosity product is usable with 4-stroke engines, diesel engines, LPG engines, and other equipment. It is particularly recommended for high-mileage vehicles in which the oil seals are beginning to deteriorate, creating soot and smoke from the exhaust.

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