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Radiator Flush

  • When to use it?

    When to use it?

    Use Armor Radiator Flush in your regular maintenance strategy.

  • Why Buy This Product?

    Why Buy This Product?

    Armor Radiator Flush cleans and removes deposits from the entire cooling system, including radiators, water pumps, and thermostats.

  •  Special Features & Benefits

    Special Features & Benefits

    Cleans deposits, prevents them from reforming, and improves the lifespan of all cooling system components.

  • How to Use?

    How to Use?

    Add 300 ml to the coolant, run the engine for 15 minutes with the heater engaged, and then drain the system and flush with water before refilling the system with coolant.


Armor Radiator Flush delivers powerful cleaning capabilities to remove build-up in the cooling system that can prevent performance and increase engine heat. It cleans, protects, and restores coolant hoses, valves, thermostats, radiators, and other components. It is safe for both diesel and petrol engines and requires only 15 minutes to restore performance.